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What happens if i don't get a filling right away?

Think you may have a cavity? Wondering why it’s so important to get a filling right away? Here are a few things that may happen if you don’t get timely treatment for your cavity. 

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Further pain & discomfort

As the tooth continues to decay, you may start to experience more sensitivity and pain in the area.

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Your tooth may become infected

Eventually, the interior “pulp” within your tooth will become infected and start to die, which could eventually result in tooth loss.

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root canal and/or crown

If you have a severe cavity or infected tooth, you will need treatment with a crown and/or root canal, which is more expensive, invasive, and time-consuming compared to a filling.

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"The team at Carmel Mountain Dental Care saw me same-day when I chipped my front tooth. They relieved my pain and fixed my smile in no time! I would recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in a dental emergency!"

Stephanie V.

"I have been a patient at CMDC for 3 years now. This place is truly a gem and I will not go anywhere else! I have seen multiple hygienists and two different dentists, they have all treated me with the best care, respect and great service. I have a lot of sensitivity, they keep that in mind and are gentle. They truly go above and beyond for their patients and I no longer dread the dentist! Thank you!"

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Composite Fillings

At Carmel Mountain Dental Care, we prefer to treat our patients with composite fillings. Composite fillings, also called “tooth-colored fillings” are made from a blend of dental resin and crushed glass. The primary benefit of this type of filling is that it will match the appearance of your tooth perfectly. In contrast, traditional metal-amalgam fillings have a silvery-gray appearance that can discolor your tooth and affect your smile.

Composite fillings also bond tightly to your enamel and require the removal of less natural tooth material during the preparation process, making them the best option for restoring decayed teeth in Rancho Peñasquitos and the surrounding areas.

Understanding the Filling process

The process of getting a filling at Carmel Mountain Dental Care takes just one appointment with one of our dentists. First, your dentist will clean and numb the treatment area. Then, they will use a dental drill to remove any damaged or decayed enamel from the surface of the tooth.

Once the tooth has been prepared, they will select a dental resin that matches your tooth perfectly, and apply it to the treated tooth. Using special tools, the resin will be shaped and sculpted until it looks just like part of your natural tooth. Then, it will be hardened with UV light, and trimmed with a dental drill to further refine the shape and ensure it fits perfectly without affecting your bite.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Fillings

If you still have questions about fillings at Carmel Mountain Dental Care in Rancho Peñasquitos, we’re here with the answers you need. Read on to get more information, or call us anytime to get the answers you need.

Do fillings hurt?

No. Fillings are minimally-invasive and do not hurt. You can even be sedated during your treatment to ensure that you remain totally comfortable.

how do i care for my filling?

All you need to do is maintain proper oral hygiene. Brush twice a day for two minutes and floss once a day, and come into Carmel Mountain Dental Care for a teeth cleaning and oral exam every six months.

How Long Do Fillings Last?

Fillings go through a lot of wear and tear as you bite and chew, so they won’t last forever. As a rule, you can expect composite fillings to last somewhere between 5-8 years with standard care, though if you take great care of your mouth, they can easily last up to 10 years or longer. 

To make sure your fillings last as long as possible, you should brush twice a day, floss once a day. This will keep your teeth, gums, and dental work in great shape. You also should make lifestyle changes like avoiding sugary soda and foods, reducing your alcohol intake, and quitting smoking or other types of oral tobacco use, if applicable. These changes will help your fillings and teeth stay healthy.

Seeing your dentist at Carmel Mountain Dental Care every six months is also important. That’s because routine dental visits let your dentist check on your oral health, as well as the integrity of your fillings. If they notice a filling is peeling or failing, they can recommend a follow-up and replace the filling right away.

What Should I Expect After A Filling?

After your filling, your mouth will be numb. We recommend avoiding chewing and eating for at least an hour or two so that the numbing will wear off. If you try to eat right away, you may end up chewing on your tongue, cheeks, or lips, which can cause bleeding and a lot of pain. 

Numbing wears off more quickly if you stimulate blood flow in your body, so if you want to speed up this process, you can take a brisk walk, go on a bike ride, do some chores around the house, or do other such moderate physical activity. 

Your newly-filled tooth may feel a little bit different after your procedure, since some enamel was removed and replaced with a filling. This is normal. Over time, your mouth will adjust to how it feels. You may also feel some minor sensitivity in the tooth for about 2-4 weeks. This is normal.

However, prolonged sensitivity or pain is not normal. If your filling is really hurting and it does not seem to be getting better, it may need further adjustments to fit into your bite properly, so contact Carmel Mountain Dental Care for an appointment with your dentist.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Filling?

This depends on the depth, severity, and location of the filling. No two patients are the same, so treatment times can vary somewhat. 

For example, a simple and shallow cavity may only take 20 minutes to fill. But a deeper, more complex cavity may take up to 45 minutes or an hour, depending on your situation. The process may also take longer if you plan to be sedated for your treatment. 

Overall, you can expect to spend at least 1-2 hours at Carmel Mountain Dental Care, including the time it takes to check-in and prepare your mouth for treatment, and we recommend adjusting your schedule accordingly. 

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