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Root Canals & Endodontics

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Root Canals & Endodontics

In the past, root canal treatment had one solution: pulling an infected tooth. Thankfully, modern dental technology has come leaps and bounds to create root canal therapy that is conservative, gentle and maintains the original structure of the tooth. With treatment that is no more uncomfortable than a simple dental filling, patients can experience necessary dental care to protect and restore their smile.

Root Canals in Rancho Peñasquitos

Not every sensitive tooth or toothache is an early sign of a root canal, but when a cavity, chipped tooth or broken crown goes left untreated it can quickly evolve into a painful dental problem. Before a toothache or pain in your mouth keeps you awake at night, give us a call to schedule a dental checkup. We’re dedicated to providing high quality dental care that is comfortable and effective to have you smiling again in as little as one appointment.

What is a Root Canal?

If you have ever had a toothache, broken tooth or cavity you may have been at risk of developing a root canal. Root canals occur when the soft inner layer of the tooth, known as the “pulp” of the tooth, becomes infected by germs or bacteria. This inflammation in the nerve of the tooth can be increasingly painful and may lead to developing an abscess or tooth loss over time. Before this happens, root canal therapy is advised to effectively restore the tooth to its healthy beauty, feel and function.

What is Endodontic Dentistry?

An endodontist is a specialized dentist concerned with the pulp, or innermost tissue and nerve of the tooth. Using endodontic dentistry, your dentist is able to alleviate dental related pain or infection that may be found inside the tooth and promote a stronger smile overall.

What to Expect of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment typically requires 1 to 3 appointments to complete. The treatment begins with the careful administration of a local anesthetic to eliminate any pain. Once the tooth has been properly numbed, a small hole is made to access the infected pulp and remove the source of your pain. The inner root canal of the tooth is then carefully sanitized with a strong dental medicine to eliminate remaining signs of bacteria, and a rubber-like substance known as gutta-percha is filled into the root canal to function just like the healthy pulp of the tooth. Finally, a dental sealant or dental crown is used to seal and protect the tooth.

Poway Crowns in a Day

After a root canal, a dental sealant or dental composite may not be sufficient to restore the outer surface of the tooth. In this case, a dental crown may be used to properly seal the tooth. As an active member of the San Diego CEREC® Study Club, Dr. Jonathan Lee looks forward to custom designing and milling custom porcelain crowns for his patients in a fraction of the time of traditional dentistry. Modern dental crowns at Carmel Mountain Dental Care are beautiful, strong and resilient and can last many years with proper care.

Emergency Dentistry

Have you or a loved one noticed a change in your dental health? If it’s become difficult to enjoy a cup of coffee or iced tea without experiencing tooth sensitivity, or if a recently broken tooth has you wondering about visiting the dentist, it may be time to visit your local dentist. By offering same-day appointments and emergency dentistry, we work hard to be there for you and your family for all of your dental related needs. Don’t let a minor toothache become a big one over time. Give us a call at (858) 484-4880 to schedule your appointment.

Your Local Dentist Near Rancho Peñasquitos

We strive to protect your smile using the best services available in restorative dentistry. Modern dental treatments take less time to perform, are less invasive and often produce more reliable and strong results. If you require care for a cavity, broken tooth or have questions about the symptoms of a root canal, give us a call at (858) 484-4880 to speak with our staff and find a convenient appointment time for your schedule.

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“It is a gift to be a dentist and to be able to do the things I do each day.”

H. Jonathan Lee, D.M.D.