Can You Get Invisalign With Missing Teeth?

If you’ve got one or more missing teeth, you may be looking into ways to improve your smile and your oral health. And you may be wondering if you should get Invisalign to correct your bite and straighten your teeth. Is it a good idea to get Invisalign with missing teeth? Is it even possible? In this blog from Carmel Mountain Dental Care, we’ll discuss everything you need to know. Read on and get the answers you need.

You May Be Able To Get Invisalign With Missing Teeth If Your Mouth Is Healthy

The answer is “yes!” It’s entirely possible to get Invisalign with missing teeth. Even if you’ve lost one or several of your teeth, Invisalign is still an option to straighten your smile and improve your bite. As long as your mouth is healthy, you may be a good candidate.

However, it’s really important that you have a healthy mouth before treatment begins. Tooth loss is often caused by gum disease or tooth infections. You must work with a dentist to resolve these conditions and improve your oral health before your treatment begins. If you get Invisalign with an unhealthy mouth, this could just make things worse and even cause further tooth loss.

You also must only be missing a few of your teeth. If you’re missing the majority of your teeth, Invisalign won’t be an option. Your aligners won’t have enough teeth to hold onto, and won’t be able to exert the pressure necessary to move your teeth. 

You Should Get Invisalign Before Replacing Your Missing Teeth

If you’re thinking about replacing a missing tooth with a treatment like a dental crown or a dental implant, you should look into Invisalign before you have your tooth replaced. There are two primary reasons for this.

First, Invisalign can move your teeth into a healthier position. If you’ve lost one or more teeth, your other teeth may shift toward the empty spaces in your mouth. This can ruin the alignment of your teeth or even affect your bite. Invisalign can be used to move the teeth back into a healthier position. Then, replacement teeth can be placed to restore the gaps in your smile.

Second, tooth replacements like dental bridges and dental implants will not move in the same way that natural teeth will move. If you have a bridge or an implant, Invisalign will no longer be an option. So if you want to move your teeth with Invisalign, it’s important to get treatment before replacing your missing teeth. 

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