Can Wisdom Teeth Cause Headaches?

If you’ve started to have mysterious headaches and you’re an older teen or a young adult, it’s possible that your wisdom teeth are the culprit. Wisdom teeth can cause headaches, and this is a relatively common issue that happens as your wisdom teeth emerge.

Should you be concerned about headaches caused by wisdom teeth? The answer is yes… and no! We’ll get into detail below, and help you find out whether you should schedule an appointment with the dentists at Carmel Mountain Dental Care.

Wisdom Teeth Can Cause Headaches As They Emerge Between The Ages Of 17-25

First, let’s talk about what wisdom teeth are. They’re our third set of molars, and they usually erupt between the ages of 17-25. This is a lot later than our second set of molars, which erupt by the age of about 12-13.

As wisdom teeth emerge from your jaw, they put pressure on your gums, jaw bone, and the surrounding teeth and structures of your face. Since they’re so large, wisdom teeth can cause some pain and discomfort as they emerge.

This is not necessarily abnormal. If you’re experiencing a little bit of pain and discomfort and a few headaches, you should see a dentist to make sure your wisdom teeth are healthy and are growing into your mouth properly. If they are, they can be left intact, and your symptoms will stop after they’ve erupted fully.

Should I Be Worried About My Wisdom Teeth? Signs They May Be Impacted

If you have serious headaches that won’t go away, you may want to be on the lookout for some other symptoms that may indicate your wisdom teeth are “impacted.” 

This means they are not erupting fully and properly. The wisdom teeth may be emerging at an angle, may be pushing against the other molars, or may simply be stuck in the jaw.

If your wisdom teeth are impacted, you may need tooth extractions to preserve your oral health. Here are a few signs that you may want to come to Carmel Mountain Dental Care for an oral health evaluation:

  • Pain in the rear of your mouth – Serious, prolonged pain in the rear of your mouth is not normal, and could indicate that your wisdom teeth are impacted and/or infected.

  • Jaw stiffness and soreness – Impacted or infected wisdom teeth can cause your jaw to feel stiff and sore. In some cases, you may have trouble moving your jaw and opening it fully.

  • Swollen, discolored gums – Gum discoloration near your wisdom teeth is a sign of bacterial buildup. As bacteria build, the gums tend to swell and take on a dark or reddish color, rather than their normal pink color.

  • Bad breath (halitosis) – Buildup of bacteria in your mouth can also cause bad breath. This is particularly common with impacted wisdom teeth, since it’s nearly impossible to clean them properly while brushing.

Worried About Your Wisdom Teeth? Come To Carmel Mountain Dental Care! 

Headaches can be caused by wisdom teeth. Other conditions like TMJ/TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder), teeth grinding, and a bad bite can also contribute to headaches. 

If you’re worried about your oral health or you are experiencing mysterious headaches, seeing a dentist at Carmel Mountain Dental Care will give you peace of mind. Our experienced dentists can diagnose your condition and suggest a personalized treatment plan. Whether you need a wisdom tooth extraction or any other dental care, we’re here to help. Contact us online or give us a call at (858) 484-4880 to schedule an appointment right away.

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