5 Signs You’ve Got A Cavity In Your Tooth 

Cavities are the most common oral health problem in patients of all ages. Worried that you may have developed a cavity in Rancho Peñasquitos? Not sure what the signs of a cavity might be? Wondering if you need a filling? Take a look at this guide from Carmel Mountain Dental Care, and learn how to recognize the top signs that you’ve got a cavity in your tooth. 

1. Sensitivity To Heat And Cold

As your enamel weakens, the affected tooth will tend to become more sensitive to sensations of heat and cold. If you notice that one of your teeth, in particular, starts to feel painful when you consume hot or cold foods and drinks, this could be a sign of a cavity. 

2. Tenderness And Sensitivity When Chewing Or Eating Sweets

You may not experience sensitivity to hot or cold, but if one of your teeth feels tender and sensitive when you chew, particularly when eating hard or tough foods, this could also indicate the presence of a cavity.

In some cases, your tooth may also feel tender when you eat or drink something sweet, such as a sugary soft drink or a dessert. This is another common sign of cavities. 

3. Visible Holes Or Pits In Your Tooth

If you can see the tooth that you think might have a cavity, you may be able to look for visual indicators of tooth decay. An obvious sign of a cavity is a visible and deep hole or pit in your tooth. 

However, it can sometimes be hard to get a good angle and see the tooth, and some of the rear teeth may have naturally deep grooves that may look like cavities, but are not indicators of tooth decay. 

4. Discoloration Of The Tooth’s Surface

Along with a hole or pit, cavities usually also start to discolor the nearby enamel. The tooth structure near the cavity may look brown, gray, black, or dark. If you can see visible discoloration, this means you have a very advanced cavity, and you may be at risk of a tooth infection. 

5. Toothache 

Cavities only cause toothaches when they are very severe and cause a tooth infection. If you have a painful, prolonged toothache that lasts more than a day or two, this either indicates that your tooth has become infected, or that it’s about to become infected. 

To treat your cavity and tooth infection, you may need a root canal. The earlier you get treatment, the less likely it is that you will need a root canal, so time is of the essence if you think you’ve got a cavity in San Diego.

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