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New Parent? Top Tips to Take Care of Your Baby’s Teeth

If you’re a new parent in Rancho Peñasquitos, 4S Ranch, or Del Sur, we know you’ve got a lot on your plate. You’re busy with pediatrician visits, changing diapers, sleepless nights next to the baby monitor, and soaking in every joyful moment with your newest addition.

The team at Carmel Mountain Dental Care wants to lend a hand when it comes to taking care of your baby’s mouth. Dental care is critical from infancy to the age of 3 to ensure the development of healthy adult teeth and good dental habits. Don’t know where to start? That’s okay. Here’s a few tips to give you some direction:

Take Your Baby to the Dentist Early – And Often

When should you take your baby to the dentist? As soon as their first tooth erupts, or by the time they turn one year old; whichever comes first. This may seem early, but it’s a good step to preserving the oral health of your child.

When you bring your baby in for their first check-up, Dr. Lee or Dr. Moeckel will examine their mouth and make sure they’re teething properly. Early visits to the dentist can prevent cavities and help you identify common issues like tongue ties.

Routine visits also help familiarize your child with the dentist from a young age, and this helps prevent dental anxiety later in life.

Clean And Brush Their Mouths Properly

Even before your child begins teething, you should wipe their gums down with a clean cloth or piece of gauze after feeding, or at least twice a day to prevent bacterial buildup.

When your child begins teething, you’ll brush their teeth with a soft-bristled baby toothbrush, using a dab of non-fluoride toothpaste, about the size of a grain of rice. When your child reaches age 2-3, and is able to spit on command, you can start using a pea-sized dab of fluoridated toothpaste.

You will have to brush the teeth of your children until they can do it themselves, which is usually around the same age that they develop the dexterity to tie their own shoes.

Childproof Your Home

This is an overlooked aspect of oral care during infancy and toddlerhood. A slip and fall, or a fall against a hard edge like a coffee table can cause damage to the teeth and gums, particularly in children with teeth that are still developing.

The best way to avoid these injuries is by childproofing your home. Consider rubberizing the corners of sharp furniture, and doing your best to minimize other hazards. Here’s a helpful guide to get you started.

Need A Dentist For Your Baby? Come To Carmel Mountain Dental Care!

If you have other questions about dental care during infancy and toddlerhood in Rancho Bernardo or Poway come to Carmel Mountain Dental Care. Both Dr. Lee and Dr. Moeckel have years of experience working with children of all ages, including infants and toddlers. Check out our patient testimonials to learn more about the care we provide for our patients!

Schedule a consultation now at (858) 484-4880, or stop by our office in San Diego at 9310 Carmel Mountain Rd, Ste A, San Diego, CA 92129. We’ll see you soon!

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