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Sinus Problems After A Root Canal

Are you experiencing pain or pressure in your sinuses following a root canal? Typically, patients do not experience anything beyond tenderness or some sensitivity after root canal therapy, but unusual changes might be a sign of a sinus infection.

If you suspect that this is the case, give Carmel Mountain Dental Care a call at (858) 484-4880 to ask us a question and schedule an appointment to come into our office!

Possible Symptoms Of A Sinus Infection

  • Symptoms similar to the common cold
  • Runny nose or spontaneous sinus drainage
  • Sinus pressure or congestion in the face and nose
  • Symptoms similar to eye and nasal allergies

Are you noticing any of these signs? There’s no cause for alarm: generally, these symptoms will fade in several days to a week after a root canal, but if the pain intensifies or does not heal itself in a short period of time, we encourage you to seek medical treatment!


What Is A Root Canal?


A root canal is the process of removing an infected nerve from the innermost chamber of the tooth, and disinfecting it to halt it from spreading. The tooth is then sealed to prevent any bacteria or debris from entering in the future. Next, a dental crown may be placed over the original structure of the tooth to strengthen it and restore its original shape so that you can chew, speak, and smile.

How Do Root Canals Help?

As with most restorative dental treatments, a root canal’s purpose is to save the tooth and prevent tooth loss. When a tooth is lost, adjacent teeth begin to shift in an effort to close the gap, putting stress on all of the teeth in the mouth and the jawbone. This can result in a change in facial shape and/or a misaligned bite.

Your Upper Teeth And Sinuses

Your upper teeth are located near your sinuses, and root canal treatment can cause a complication between the two since the barrier is relatively small, and could serve as a gateway during root canal treatment.

A Huge Hint About Your Root Canal And Sinuses

If you’ve noticed the distinct taste of hypochlorite in your mouth after root canal treatment, it is likely that the agent your dentist used during the procedure is now flushing itself out of your sinus cavities. Again, this is also no cause for alarm, but you can always call Carmel Mountain Dental Care so that we can calm any fears and address any concerns.

Taking Care Of Your Sinuses At Home

A neti pot and/or nasal saline solution can be effective in relieving your stuffy nose. We advise that you consult with your doctor first, in case antibiotics are necessary to treat an infection.

Gentle Dental Care In Rancho Peñasquitos And Poway

We welcome patients of all ages and backgrounds, and encourage you to give us a call at (858) 484-4880 if you are concerned about a sensitive tooth, toothache, or sinus pain. We’ll take care of you!

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