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Is Invisalign Really As Effective As Traditional Braces?

Are you thinking about orthodontic treatment for yourself or your child? If so, you may be wondering whether Invisalign is a good option. We, at Carmel Mountain Dental Care, are here to answer your questions and help you decide if Invisalign the best treatment for you.

One of the most common questions is, Can Invisalign really provide the same benefits as traditional braces? Our team is here with the answers.

Invisalign Offers Comparable Performance For Most Patients

For the vast majority of patients, Invisalign will offer comparable results at a reasonable cost. The system can also potentially bring treatment time down to about a year, whereas traditional metal braces usually require at least 2 years.

In addition, Invisalign is more comfortable and convenient than traditional metal braces. You just swap your old aligners for a new pair every 4 weeks, and come in for periodic visits with Dr. Lee or Dr. Moeckel, to make sure that your treatment is progressing properly.

If you have teeth that are crooked, misaligned, or you suffer from minor bite problems, Invisalign performs comparably to traditional wire-and-bracket braces. However, Invisalign is not without its limitations.

Invisalign Cannot Be Used For All Types Of Orthodontic Correction

For the most part, Invisalign can be used for mild-to-moderate orthodontic problems, but extreme malocclusion (teeth crookedness) and bite issues may prevent Invisalign from being as effective as traditional braces.

Typically, Invisalign is inappropriate for patients who have:

  • Severe bite malformation – Significant overbites and underbites require jaw correction that Invisalign cannot provide. In these cases, metal braces may be recommended in concert with other orthodontic treatments.
  • Rotated and crooked teeth – Teeth that are rotated by more than 20 degrees in the mouth may not be treated with Invisalign.
  • Very large gaps between teeth – Significantly gapped teeth (all tooth gaps combine to an excess of 6mm per arch) are usually not treatable with Invisalign.
  • Excessively crowded teeth – Extremely crowded teeth cannot usually be separated and treated with Invisalign
  • “Tipped” and steeply angled teeth – “Tipped” teeth that are angled inwards or outwards at more than a 45-degree angle, usually require metal braces for correction.

Contact Us Now – And See If You’re A Candidate For Invisalign In Rancho Penasquitos!

If you’re still not sure whether or not Invisalign is right for you, please schedule a consultation with Dr. H. Jonathan Lee or Dr. Marie Ann Moeckel now. At Carmel Mountain Dental Care, we specialize in Invisalign and can quickly determine if you are a candidate for this treatment.

Contact us now at (858) 484-4880 to get started, or visit us at 9310 Carmel Mountain Road, Ste A, San Diego, California 92129.

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