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5 Steps To Take When You Need Emergency Dental Care

At Carmel Mountain Dental Care, we understand that it can be hard to deal with an unexpected dental emergency. If you are in or near 4S Ranch, Del Sur, Carmel Mountain Ranch, or Carmel Valley, we want you to be prepared for any dental issue that comes your way.

Dental emergencies can take many forms, from toothaches and oral injuries to damaged or missing dental work. As a rule, a dental emergency involves any pain and discomfort that cannot be treated on your own.

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency and you’re not sure what to do, follow these 5 steps to get the care you need:

Schedule An Appointment With An Emergency Dentist Immediately

You should contact Dr. Lee and Dr. Marie Moeckel as soon as you notice your dental emergency. We always have emergency appointments available. Call ahead and let us know you’re coming in, or visit our office for a walk-in appointment.

Recover Your Lost Tooth/Dental Work (If Applicable)

If you’ve lost a tooth, recover it and rinse it with warm water. Place it back in the socket if possible, or in a container of cold milk. For the best chances of saving a knocked-out tooth, it must be replaced within 1-2 hours.  

If a crown, dental bridge, or any other dental work has been compromised or fallen out, recover it and put it in a small plastic bag. We may be able to reattach it when you arrive for your appointment, which will save you quite a bit of time and money.

Treat Your Pain And Discomfort

If you’ve experienced an oral injury like a damaged, avulsed, or cracked tooth, your mouth is most likely bleeding. You can use clean gauze or cotton balls to absorb blood, which should slow significantly within an hour or two.

You can also take NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like naproxen, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen to help mitigate some pain and inflammation. Do not take aspirin, as it is a blood thinner and can interfere with proper clotting.

Review Your Insurance Information And Payment Options

Your insurance will likely cover emergency treatment, so make sure you have this information handy.

If you don’t have dental insurance, don’t let that stop you from getting help! At Carmel Mountain Dental Care, we have a variety of financing and payment options to keep your care affordable, even if you’re on a tight budget.

See Your Dentist And Get The Treatment You Need

Depending on your oral injury or dental emergency, it is best to get treatment within 1-12 hours for the best results. If you come in right away, you’ll have a better chance of saving your tooth, and you’ll be able to eliminate any pain and discomfort as soon as possible.

Experienced Emergency Dentistry In San Diego

Dr. Lee and Dr. Moeckel have years of experience with emergency dentistry, and we can help no matter what issues you’ve run into. Contact Carmel Mountain Dental Care at (858) 484-4880, or walk into our office at 9310 Carmel Mountain Rd, Ste A, San Diego, CA 92129. You can trust us to take great care of you and give you the treatment you need to get back to your day-to-day life.

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